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After a rather unsuccessful attempt at a DIY kitchen lounge renovation. Which seemed to falter not even half way through. I found myself and my family surrounded in half torn up carpet, a dismantled kitchen, not to mention rather a lot of debris around the place. I was not sure who to call, but knew that I could not keep living in this!

Of a number of people I called the Renovators. Grant came around within 24 hours to assess the job on hand and within days was back to me with quotes, ideas and a date to start! On the job The Renovators work was efficient, and they have outstanding workmanship, which is now a delight to see in my home everyday. The guys on the job are tidy, courteous and helpful. Everything was sorted out , and coordinated masterfully to the tiniest detail.

Our home is now complete, it is amazing what The Renovators have done. Of all the building projects and renovations I have done over the years, from building a house to even getting a room painted I would rate The Renovators at the top of the list. I recommend them to everyone I can. Thanks Grant and the team, you certainly have done the most amazing job on our home.

Cheers to you.


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