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Tired Shed to Cosy Cottage

From backyard shed to...
Cosy cabin for guests to stay in
Cosy cottage for guests to stay

Quite the Transformation:
Backyard Shed Now Fit for Guests & Family to Stay In

Located in the charming Bronte area near Mapua, a couple embarked on a heartwarming journey to renovate their property. The catalyst for this endeavour was a desire to have family and friends be able to stay with them. To ensure the utmost comfort and well-being of their guests they made the decision to transform a beloved shed on their property into a one-bedroom studio unit complete with a separate bathroom. Here, we delve into their renovation journey, which began a couple of years ago and involved repilling, reframing, cladding, and more.

Preserving the Past

While embarking on this renovation journey, the couple was determined to retain the essence of the original structure, which had served as an artist’s sculpting studio. They decided to keep the skeleton of the building intact, preserving its character. Their sentimental attachment to the property prompted them to maintain the original front door with its stained glass (see last photo), a charming nod to the past.

One of the standout features of this renovation project is the preservation of the wooden floors in the main room. The floors were lovingly sanded and polyurethaned, which added warmth and character to the space.  In contrast, the area that would become the bathroom was pulled down and rebuilt due to its poor condition.

Contemporary Upgrades

To modernise the studio and make it more comfortable for visitors the couple made several key upgrades. The building was fully insulated for warmth. Aluminium windows were installed with timber facings and added false timber sills to the windows, ensuring a combination of aesthetics and functionality. These windows were double-glazed to improve insulation, making the space cozy year-round. Downlights were added to create a warm and inviting ambience. Additionally, a new iron roof with all-new roof trusses was expertly integrated, further enhancing the studio’s structural integrity and longevity.

Cottage-Style Comfort

In their quest for a cottage-style feel, the couple decided to deck out the front of the studio with a north-east-facing sunny deck. This addition not only enhanced the visual appeal but also provided a pleasant outdoor space to enjoy the surroundings. The deck perfectly complements the charming cottage aesthetic they aimed to achieve.

Modern Touches

To ensure the studio’s longevity, the couple opted for linear weatherboard cladding. This choice not only improved the studio’s durability but also gave it a contemporary edge. The addition of a separate bathroom greatly improved the functionality and convenience of the space.

Landscaping Love

Finally, the couple put the finishing touches on their renovation project by landscaping around the exterior. While the Renovators focused on the studio itself, the owners took care to create an inviting outdoor area to enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Renovation wrap-up!

The transformation of a simple shed into a cozy one-bedroom studio near Bronte, Mapua, stands as a testament to the love and dedication of a family. With a commitment to preserving the past while embracing modern comfort, this renovation project not only provides a comfortable space for their elderly mother but also enhances the overall appeal of their property.

If you’re inspired by this remarkable renovation journey and are considering a similar project for your own property, we invite you to take the next step. The Renovators are ready and waiting to turn your renovation dreams into reality.

Reach out to The Renovators today and embark on your own journey of reimagining and revitalising your living spaces.

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